Navy Fight

Дата начала: 21.03.2013
Дата окончания: 31.03.2014
Статус: В разработке
Платформа: Android / Browser-based / iPad / iPhone / Mobile
Жанр: Arcade / Simulator / Casual
Администратор: Lyubov Nazarenko

Дополнительная информация:

"Navy Fight" is casual game inspired of famous old mechanics of the "Battle city" game.
Unique feature is controlling your AI team. You can choose the one of 4 tactics for each your teammate ship. Take control of one of three ship types, with its different characteristics: small speedy boat, hiding submarine or huge cruiser with two guns.
Your mission is to capture the flag of opponent's team and to defend your team's flag. The feature of the game is ability to destroy buildings on map according to fracture mechanics.

Available modes are campaign and free battle.
Also possible to add Multiplayer and MMO features in future.

• Team control tactics
• Three types of ships with different game mechanics
• Multiplayer mode
• Ability to destroy buildings
• Achievements system
• Social media records table
• Shop with upgrades

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