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Дата начала: 09.01.2013
Дата окончания: 31.05.2013
Статус: В разработке
Платформа: Android / Browser-based / iPad / iPhone / Mobile
Жанр: Casual
Сайт: http://aratog.com/project?id=6
Администратор: Lyubov Nazarenko

Дополнительная информация:

"Diver Quest" is new casual game for iOS ( both iPhone и iPad) and Android for people who like to solve puzzles.

The Diver mission is to collect pearls from the sea bottom. It's not so easy. Turn by turn game random generate movement cards. Сomplexity is to make way using movement from cards, because set do not always consist the correct card and diver has to go around. And every next turn cards are becoming fewer and fewer depending air left in tank. Player must consider the undercurrent and air capacity, and avoid the sharks.
It is a kind of puzzle, where player should resolve correct actions for diver to reach Pearls.

• Original puzzle game
• 30 missions campaign
• Achievements system
• Social media records table
• bonuses on the bottom of the sea
• Shop with upgrades

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